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Color Our Town creates beautiful custom coloring books, pencil sets, maps, and notecards.

If you have any questions, email me at , or call at 646-388-2072- Ron Rose 

Custom Coloring Guidebooks

example: Conrad Los Angeles

view sample

Conrad Cover .jpg
Saint Laurel info.jpg

Back Cover
Artwork of Conrad Penthouse Terrace 

Conrad back cover.jpg
Saint Laurel coloring.jpg

example: Hotel Figueroa - Los Angeles

view sample

Figueroa cover.jpg
Figueroa Kobe mural.jpg

Back Cover Artwork

Figueroa back cover.jpg
Figueroa Bella Gomez mural.jpg

Coloring Pencil Sets


Hotel Figueroa


Conrad Los Angeles

Custom Maps

Downtown Los Angeles  - designed for Conrad los Angeles

Conrad LA map.jpg
National Mall Map

The National Mall, Washington D.C 

Custom Artwork

example:  Eldridge Street Synagogue, NYC

Step 1. Photograph 

Step 2. Line Drawing 

Step 3. Color Drawing

Renaissance Chicago


Willard Hotel - Washington DC

Willard Art final.jpg

Custom Notecards


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