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Color Our Town provides custom artwork, coloring books, maps, notecards, and gift cards. 

If you have any questions, email me at , or call at 646-388-2072- Ron Rose 

Custom Coloring Guidebooks

example: Gansevoort Hotel in NYC 

view sample

Gansevoort cover.jpg
Gansevoort page.jpg

Back Cover
Artwork of Gansevoort Roof Pool Deck 

Gansevoort page2.jpg

example: Newbury Boston

view sample

Newbury Boston cover.jpg
Contessa info page.jpg

Back Cover Artwork

of Newbury Boston Library Room 

Newbury Boston Library-Room.jpg
Contessa coloring page.jpg

Custom Maps

National Mall Map

The National Mall, Washington D.C 

French Quarter, New Orleans 

designed for Windsor Court Hotel

Map - Windsor Court.jpg


Newport, RI 

designed for Hotel Viking

Hotel-Viking-Map 1200px.jpg

Custom Giftcards & Notecards


Willard Art final.jpg

Willard Hotel - Washington DC

Clarke's Garden in Greenport, NY

Custom Artwork

example:  Eldridge Street Synagogue, NYC

Step 1. Photograph 

Step 2. Line Drawing 

Step 3. Color Drawing

Eldridge Street Synagogue.jpg
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