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Coloring book showcases Greenport’s charm with proceeds donated to C.A.S.T.

By Courtney Blasl, Southhold Local

Greenport’s beauty, charm and history are on full display in a new, unique format: a coloring book.

“Color Greenport” is a 48-page-book that features locations near-and-dear to locals’ hearts around Greenport.

“I highlighted Claudios, the auditorium, the old schoolhouse and lots of other local stores,” said creator Jake Rose, a history student at Drew University who summers in Greenport. “I tried to pick places that had cultural and historical significance.”

The Village Blacksmith

The coloring book will have a launch party this weekend at American Beech restaurant. Large prints of the drawings that have been colored in by 20 local artists will be available for sale, along with 3D-printed models of the Greenport Jail and Blacksmith.

All donations from sales, both of the coloring book and of the prints and models, will be donated to Community Action Southold Town. The book will go on sale online this weekend.

“They’re just the best charity out there, and it seemed like a really cool way of getting to give back to the community,” Rose said.

C.A.S.T. runs a year-round food pantry, part of its mission to “help low-income residents meet their basic needs in the areas of nutrition, employment, energy and education.” C.A.S.T. is mostly funded through community donations.

“We got a call from Jake’s father and he told us about the project and asked if they could donate the proceeds to us and of course we said yes,” said C.A.S.T. director Linda Ruland. “We’re really excited to see what he’s made. It’s such a novel idea — you have so many fundraisers, but this is a unique way of raising money while also appreciating the beauty of our town.”

The launch party will be on August 20 from 1:30 to 3:30 p.m. at American Beech.


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